Crestline Homes--Close to All the Action

Arrowhead, one of the most beautiful resort towns in California, can be only minutes away when you purchase one of the available Crestline homes. Crestline, a small southern California town of just over 10,000, is a great place to look for a new home. Homes will be less expensive here than in Lake Arrowhead or Point Hamiltair. Lake Arrowhead’s lake is still only six miles away and Lake Gregory is right there, and you get the benefit of cheaper home prices.

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Crestline homes are a great investment. As this area continues to grow in popularity, a second home here will only increase in value. As more people tire of the smog and congestion of Los Angeles, the beautiful mountain retreat of Crestline will becom a prime vacation destination. No matter what you're looking for--hiking, boating, swimming, or horseback riding--Crestline's got it all.

Arrowhead is a prestigious spa and resort town, famous for its beautiful views, proximity to Los Angeles (and the celebrity culture prevalent there), outdoor activities, and lush natural landscapes. Real estate in Lake Arrowhead itself can be extremely expensive and often difficult for first-time buyers. If you love the area but can't afford the price tag that comes along with it, check out Crestline homes--a less expensive alternative in the same area.

If you're moving into the area and you have school-aged children, you'll be glad to know that the schools in the Rim of the World school district are award-winning. One of the district's high schools, Mountain High, is an alternative continuatio high school that has been named a California Model School. The district is home to just over 6000 students, spread across five elementary schools including Lake Gregory Elementary right in Crestline, a middle school, two high schools, and an adult school.