Lakefront Homes: Location, Location, What a Location!

Dusk at a Lake Arrowhead lakefront estateLakefront homes offer a luxury enjoyed by few and desired by many. Imagine a crystal clear lake, just feet away from your front porch, close enough so that you could step down off your porch and wiggle your toes in the fresh, cool water. If that sounds good, forget imagining because lakefront homes offer that and much more, and they're available now.

Just after sunrise, you can bring the kids out on your boat (did I mention the dock?) for breakfast on the lake and maybe do a little early morning water skiing. This could by your Lake Arrowhead lakefront homeAfter a tasty meal made with fresh local ingredients, you head back to shore to finish reading your mystery novel. The kids go off hiking, close to the house. All except your oldest son, who goes off with dad to see if the two of them can catch some fish for a leisurely lunch. After lunch perhaps a round of golf might be in order at the near-by country club. This is not a fairy tale. It happens every day for those who own lakefront homes. And it can happen to you too.

Even in California, where real estate Lake Arrowhead Lakefront Home Viewprices are generally higher than other states, you can afford your own lakeshore dream home, even in prestigious and desirable areas such as LakeArrowhead. You don't believe me? Just call or e-mail Glenn Tinturin to find out just how affordable these homes are at present. You don't know if money will be an obstacle until you actually find out these things for yourself.

In LakeArrowhead, for example, Glenn knows the surrounding areas (such as Hamiltair, Point Hamiltair, and North Shore Estates) like the back of his hands, and he’ll be able to tell you which areas you are likely to be able to afford and which you won't. It's worth making your dream come true--set up a consultation, and find out what it would take to make your dream a reality.