Dear Glenn, I want to thank you for your outstanding help and support in selling my house in Lake Arrowhead. As you know, I had been provided with several market analyses that were tens of thousands of dollars lower than yours. They also lacked the professionalism and research. Your market analysis was right on the mark and I was impressed with the extensive and careful research you put into your recommendations, and the excellent presentation of the data. The sales price was almost exactly the price you indicated.

Your assistance in preparing the house for sale, following up on all of those annoying details that were necessary for the sale, and your being there to meet with the many people who needed access to the house was outstanding! I must express special thanks for that.

When the buyers made their offer, I was ready to negotiate to a much lower price than you thought we could get. Thanks for your fortitude in the negotiations: they accepted a price that was thousands higher than I believed possible.

Finally, you followed up on the necessary details for completion of the escrow, and the sale actually closed earlier than scheduled.

Glenn, thank you for every thing you did. You spared me tremendous stress and anxiety, obtained an outstanding sales price, and saw to it that the escrow went smoothly. I am truly grateful. I would be honored if you would give my name as a reference for future clients.
With warmest personal regards,
Alan E. Gorenberg MD