Point Hamiltair: Exclusive, Luxurious, and Beautiful

Point Hamiltair is one the most scenic parts of the Lake Arrowhead region. Jutting eastward out into Lake Arrowhead, the gated community of Point Hamiltair offers extraordinary panoramas. It is among the most exclusive regions of Lake Arrowhead, and more than a few houses here have had celebrities as their previous owners.

Point Hamiltair is one of the most desirable destinations for anyone in the L.A. area seeking a home to get away from it all. There are homes in the area to suit all tastes and styles. In short: if you've got lots of money, this is the place for you.

The desirability of Point Hamiltair lies in its position--virtually in the middle of Lake Arrowhead. Obviously, the farther you go out onto the Point, the more expensive the properties get (except for the “Gold Coast” on the protected north side of the Point Hamiltair peninsula). As the Point narrows, there is less available land but also more spectacular views. Most homes in this prime location will have their own docks. If you're a recreational boating enthusiast, this is a big bonus for you.

You would have to look hard for a place that surpasses the beauty of Point Hamiltair. But why do that when you've already found one like it already? If you live in southern California, consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to live in this outstanding area.