Arrowhead Woods

Arrowhead Woods is one of the last untamed woodlands in California. It is also a place that many people call home. Arrowhead Woods is one of the most beautiful areas in California, and those who live there love being in the presence of such natural beauty.

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At the heart of Arrowhead Woods is Lake Arrowhead. The views from homes bordering the lake and on the hillsides overlooking the lake are simply spectacular. The fresh air and the easygoing environment belie the care and effort that is put into preserving what is arguably both a community and natural reserve.

Also, Lake Arrowhead is a private lake. In order to use it, you must own property in Arrowhead Woods and join the Arrowhead Lake Association. Arrowhead Woods is the area around Lake Arrowhead that offers you “Lake Rights” which means if you own property in “the Woods” then you may optionally join the Arrowhead Lake Association. This allows you to use the two beach clubs, three beaches, and to put a boat in the lake. There are a few other requirements for boating that the Arrowhead Lake Association has, which are for the safety of the boaters and others using the lake.

Having a home in Arrowhead Woods, being the preferred area on the mountain, certainly adds value to your home and should be a consideration for resale in the future. Owning a home in or near Arrowhead Woods could be a great investment for you, your family, and your fiscal future. Lake Arrowhead’s Arrowhead Woods – possibly one of the best places in the world.